Thursday, April 9, 2009

hey everyone

I guess i just kind of created this blog because it was on Polyvore. Which is a pretty sweet site incase you haven't figure that out.

Lately on polyvore I started making mosaic sets, which are pretty boring and tedious to make. The outcome is usually pretty nice though. I have made like 2 really nice ones, in my opinion, and the rest have sucked. But then again, I usually have pretty low self-esteem. (blah!)
At first I hated the way mosaic sets looked because the only ones i saw were really bad. (no offense to anyone, well i guess it offense since i'm insulting them, but w/e.) but lately they started to become really pretty and well organized.

So I kinda was texting with my friend kailey and was like "maybe I should make one, nobody really likes my collage type sets anyways." So I started one, I wanted to make it into a shape of a diamond. And abotu half hour later, I finished. I was not happy, the publish button wasn't working and I was like whattt the hell, seriously? and then I noticed the little bar or whatever at the bottom sayign I had more then 50 items. SERIOUSLY? Ugh, the rule is stupid, I think I'd be okay if it was 75-100, but 50 is not easy when making a mosaic. I always have to take items out and then it makes them like, i don't know, blank? So yeah, polyvore should really scrap that rule.

So I made my first mosaic, and I was like ewwww ehmagggawd, that's horrible. But I guess it wasn't because I got the most amount of faves I ever got! OVER 30. That's probz not a big deal to most but duhhhh it is to me.

So I was pretty happy.
Hopefully I'll get a set on the top sets one day,.

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