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clipper not working

Ugh this is so annoying, I'm trying to clip some pictures I cropped for a roleplay set i'm doing lol.
But the bloody clipper won't work.
Like, I clip it on polyvore, and it will say "pictures from polyvore can't be clipped at this time" but it won't say that anywhere just won't open.
so I'm pretty ticked.
I'm going to try uploading them here & then clipping them, but I doubt it will work - if it does - yipee?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

hey everyone

I guess i just kind of created this blog because it was on Polyvore. Which is a pretty sweet site incase you haven't figure that out.

Lately on polyvore I started making mosaic sets, which are pretty boring and tedious to make. The outcome is usually pretty nice though. I have made like 2 really nice ones, in my opinion, and the rest have sucked. But then again, I usually have pretty low self-esteem. (blah!)
At first I hated the way mosaic sets looked because the only ones i saw were really bad. (no offense to anyone, well i guess it offense since i'm insulting them, but w/e.) but lately they started to become really pretty and well organized.

So I kinda was texting with my friend kailey and was like "maybe I should make one, nobody really likes my collage type sets anyways." So I started one, I wanted to make it into a shape of a diamond. And abotu half hour later, I finished. I was not happy, the publish button wasn't working and I was like whattt the hell, seriously? and then I noticed the little bar or whatever at the bottom sayign I had more then 50 items. SERIOUSLY? Ugh, the rule is stupid, I think I'd be okay if it was 75-100, but 50 is not easy when making a mosaic. I always have to take items out and then it makes them like, i don't know, blank? So yeah, polyvore should really scrap that rule.

So I made my first mosaic, and I was like ewwww ehmagggawd, that's horrible. But I guess it wasn't because I got the most amount of faves I ever got! OVER 30. That's probz not a big deal to most but duhhhh it is to me.

So I was pretty happy.
Hopefully I'll get a set on the top sets one day,.